Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Transition Time

Here it comes.

Your child is about to graduate high school and "become an adult". Maybe they are headed off to college or maybe they're planning on sitting things out under your roof for the time being while they figure out their next move.


Regardless of their hopes and dreams and, unfortunately- regardless of their level of ambition, this is a time of transition for both you and your child. It's also a time of transition in your child's health care.


When a young adult patient moves from the colorful and comfortable realm of the pediatrician's office into the white-walled, magazine-stacked waiting rooms of the primary care clinic, many records need to be transferred behind the scenes. Although charts can be e-mailed and vaccination records can be faxed (yes, sometimes they are still faxed!), imaging records are often left behind. Images may be antiquated or inaccessible to the patient who doesn't have the ability to open special DICOM files. That is where Jack Imaging comes in.

With Jack Imaging, the transition is simplified. Streamlining medical imaging into a free, patient-run account is easy. Cloud-based storage allows the patient access their own images whenever they want. Patients can allow their new primary care physician to access images and store any new images into their account to create a seamless record as dynamic as the patient themselves. NO calls or visits to old pediatrician's offices to pick up discs or referrals to hospital records. Just secure images at hand, whenever the patient wants them.


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