Wednesday, July 2, 2014

911 to Operating Room: How Jack Imaging Expedites Treatment

The following is a hypothetical situation in an ER setting in which Jack Imaging proves to be an integral part of care that made a positive impact on patient outcomes.

The patient is a 20 year-old male involved in an altercation escalating to a penetrating gunshot wound to the right upper arm. Immediately following the gunshot, the dispatch transferred the patient to the nearest emergency room.

At the emergency room, an X-ray was ordered to determine the extent of the damage.

Radiograph revealed a complex fracture of the right upper humerus. The ER resident believed the extent of the damage warranted surgical intervention. In order to confirm the decision with an offsite ER Chief, the resident used Jack Imaging to securely share the case with the Chief. From her home office, the Chief logged onto Jack Imaging from a web browser and evaluated the X-ray, approving the course of action by sending a secure message back to the ER resident.

Because this small clinic hospital did not support complex orthopedic cases, the ER resident must transfer the patient to a larger hospital in order to get him into surgery within the next 12 hours. Again, he used Jack Imaging to forward the patient’s case to the receiving hospital to prep for the surgery ahead of time.  

While the patient was in transit, the orthopedic surgeons at the receiving center briefed themselves by reviewing the X-ray and the relevant patient history via Jack Imaging. Once the patient arrived, the surgeons were already familiar with the case and had mapped out the necessary procedure. The patient was successfully operated on with zero complications.

Jack Imaging provides a platform for efficient collaboration between care teams by securely sharing medical images and patient records. All of this culminates into delivering the most comprehensive care for the patient.

A free demo of Jack Imaging is available here


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