Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Keep track of your imaging records with Jack Imaging

CDs, films, notes, doctor recommendations, reports, forms, pamphlets, labs, contact information ... 

... is there an easier way to manage this mess?

Jack Imaging's Purpose

With Jack Imaging you or your caretaker can manage all your disparate records in one, secure, online location at Best of all, Jack Imaging is free for patients and caretakers to use. 

Key features and benefits

  • access your images, reports and notes online (even in your doctor's office!)
  • keep track of your imaging records with easy organizational features
  • improve communication with your doctor with fast sharing of images and side-by-side collaboration (pull your scans up on your iPad!)
  • reduce unnecessary care and repeat scans by accessing prior images 
  • save that $35 CD co-pay for a CD and $5 mailing fee! never carry CDs again
  • save time by having all your records organized in one place
  • and more

> Step-by-step guide (or, watch our video tutorial)

Once you've logged in, head over to the third tab labeled "Images" and click on the images icon on the left hand side:

A new window will pop up. Gather your imaging studies (or, have us do it for you!), and click on the green "Add files" button. Select the files you'd like to upload to Jack Imaging and then click the blue "Start upload" button. 

You'll see a progress bar open above, indicating your upload status. 

You'll also see progress bars open beside each image, indicating individual upload status.

While you're waiting for your images to upload, head over to the third tab labeled "Cases" and click on the "Create a case" icon on the left hand side. 

A pop up window will ask you to name the new case, and indicate whether you or someone else is the patient this case is for. Click the blue "Create" button to create a new case.

Once you've created a case, you can begin adding imaging studies, documents, reports, and other records to it. 

If you have a doctor's report, you can attach it to your case by clicking on the blue plus icon next to "Documents and files". You can also have your doctor upload a report to your case, which we'll get to in a bit. Click the blue "Upload" button to add a report to your case.

To add notes to your case, click the blue plus sign to the left of "Notes" and input any notes you'd like to include on this case. This may include questions for your doctor, reminders for yourself, or links to websites with educational content or support groups.

If you'd like to share your case with someone - family, your new doctor or maybe a specialist - click on the blue plus icon next to "Groups and Users" and add them to your case by entering their e-mail address. 

Indicate whether they can Manage, Contribute to or just View your case by setting the level of involvement next to "Permissions". Indicate what role they play for your own organizational purposes by selecting one of the items under "Role". Click the blue "Invite" button to add a user to your case. 

As mentioned above, if you'd like to see your doctor report, invite them as a Contributor to your case and have them attach their report for your safekeeping. 

Confused? Need a live walk through? Click on "Need help?" at the bottom right hand of your Jack Imaging screen and chat with us, or watch our video tutorial, here.

[Update 1/20/14:

Jack Imaging is now offering record collection services for patients and caretakers. Visit: to request more information or e-mail us, here.]


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