Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Guest Post | Apps for Caregivers

Apps like Mapmywalk and Jack Imaging help Caretakers provide care for their loved ones and themselves

Caregivers, or those who manage the health of their loved ones, often fall into the trap of providing the best care for others, while neglecting their own health needs. 

New smartphone apps are helping caregivers change that. 

Not only can a caregiver map out a healthy walk using the Mapmywalk app, they can also check their heart rate while they are tracking those steps with the Azumio Heart Rate App. When it’s time to unwind and rest, the Koi Pond app creates the illusion of a serene backyard setting and even encourages users to take a nap with a timer and snooze option. 

Jack Imaging helps caretakers manage their loved one's medical imaging records online, while CareZone is another free app that allows caregivers to create shareable task-lists, log observations, and track medications. 

To learn about more apps that can be useful and beneficial to caregivers and their loved ones, read more of this blog post at the Homewatch CareGivers Family CareGiver blog. 


This post is reprinted with permission from Homewatch CareGiversFounded in 1980, Homewatch CareGivers now spans more than 210 franchise locations in six countries that provide caregiver services to aging, disabled or rehabilitating individuals. For more information, please visit

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