Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Box and Nephosity Collaborate in the Cloud

Nephosity is excited to announce its latest partnership with online file sharing and cloud content management service, Box

Access and view DICOM files stored on Box by logging into your Box account and clicking 'access files on box'

As of October 10th 2013, users will now be able to view and share medical images stored on Box directly on the iPad. Watch our 1.5 min video guide demonstrating how to access DICOM files stored on Box using MobileCT:

Quick recap:
  • Download and open the MobileCT app on your iPad
  • Click on 'Image Documents', then 'From Box', then 'Access your files on box' , and log in to your Box account
  • Navigate to the images on Box that you'd like to view, and click the chevron in the blue circle to download them
  • Once they're downloaded, click a series in the 'Series' button in the upper left to view the newly downloaded images in the series
  • Use MobileCT cursor and annotation tools to discuss downloaded images with your patient, other providers, or for your own reference

DICOM files like this CT of a patient's head can now be downloaded from Box and viewed via MobileCT

Happy Viewing Everyone!

- Nephosity Team

Download MobileCT, our FDA-cleared image viewer for the iPad to view or share your medical images on the go. View the full press release of the Box / Nephosity integration, here

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