Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nephosity teams up with the CSC Benjamin Center in Tech Tools for Care Management

Earlier this month, Nephosity was kindly invited to teach a course on tech tools for care management - introducing cancer patients at the CSC Benjamin Center in Los Angeles to helpful (and free!) web or mobile based tools to help manage care.

The Benjamin Center is an extremely warm and welcoming home to all individuals touched by cancer - offering free-of-charge services including educational classes, support groups, fun activities and more. Whether you are a patient, a caretaker or just supporting a loved one going through cancer, you will be welcomed with open arms at the CSC. It is truly a wonderful place.

CSC Benjamin Center located in West LA, CA
Our course on patient tech tools received an overwhelmingly positive response from the group, and it was an amazing experience to hear patient and caretaker stories regarding their frustrations with currently available "technologies". We were so grateful by the positive response from the group that we were inspired to share our materials with others who might find our content useful. 

All technology tools we've curated are free (or low-priced) web and mobile applications aimed at helping you - or your caretaker, or loved one - better manage your health as you battle illness.

The list includes tools to help you:
- locate lower cost prescription drugs at nearby pharmacies
- upload and share your medical images 
- manage your health records
- track your health bills
- and more

Find the full list, here, and let us know your experience with any of these in the comments below, as well as any additional apps we may be missing! We look forward to hearing your responses.

Finally, if you are in the Los Angeles area, look forward to future workshop panels on how to use health technology to better manage your and your loved ones' health. 

Thank you!

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