Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Service Expansion for MedTechs & Where Jack Imaging Fits

Recently L.E.K. Consulting released an Executive Insights article titled, "Beyond the Product: Service Expansion Opportunities for MedTechs."  In the article, L.E.K. detailed that hospital systems are increasingly looking into external sources to overcome various challenges as opposed to hiring or training internally. Challenges mentioned can include achieving more advanced IT systems, better workflow efficiency, fewer hospital-acquired infections, and reduced readmissions.

To address these resources that hospitals may look into, L.E.K. has developed a framework to expand upon the relevant services offered. This framework includes four broad categories: Product related, Operations efficiency, Clinical care delivery, and Hospital strategy. 

Jack Imaging is a powerhouse in that in falls within two categories, Operations efficiency and Clinical care delivery. Firstly, with its set of patient management tools, Jack Imaging is able to streamline workflow and thereby increase operational efficiency. For example, managing a patient's condition is simplified with the case management feature. Since doctors, caregivers, and patients can all access a shared case, retrieving and exchanging relevant medical images and documents is simplified. 

Furthermore, Jack Imaging can improve clinical care delivery with its telehealth features. Besides the convenient sharing of medical images, Jack Imaging also provides secure video conferencing and messaging between relevant parties. Say a patient needs to receive a second opinion consultation-- she can simply share her case with her doctor of choice. After the doctor has reviewed all of her images and reports saved within the case, the patient and doctor can hold a video conference, to discuss the doctor's findings and suggestions. 

Video conferencing with screen sharing and real-time annotation capabilities is depicted. 

When asked whether hospitals would be interested in additional services from external MedTech companies, 60% of C-level respondents were in favor. As hospitals work towards increased technological innovation and improved efficiency, Jack Imaging can help with its full suite of multi-specialty care solutions. 

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