Thursday, June 19, 2014

Common Myths Regarding Second Opinions

Second opinions are unnecessary - FALSE
According to the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), an estimated 10%-20% of cases are misdiagnosed. To compound the issue, almost 30% of diagnostic mistakes were life threatening or had resulted in death or permanent disability. 

These days, we seek multiple opinions prior to making any decision in our lives. There are publications, websites and media outlets dedicated to providing you with critical information prior to making a decision. Why should your healthcare be treated any differently?

Consult a specialist for a second opinion to verify the initial diagnosis and treatment plan, and be secure in your decision.

Also, ask for a second opinion if you are considering alternative treatment options. No one understands your health better than yourself, and you should speak with different specialists to find a course of treatment with the best possible outcome as well as the best fit for you.

Second opinions will just add to my medical billsFALSE
Many insurance plans, including Medicare Part B will cover second opinion consults. In fact, Medicare Part B will even cover a third opinion if the first two opinions received differ.

Check with your insurance provider to make sure that you have coverage for second opinions.

My primary care physician will be upset if I ask for a second opinion - FALSE
The majority of physicians encourage their patients to seek multiple opinions prior to any big decisions.  According to University of Minnesota Oncologist Daniel Weisdorf, M.D., second opinions are “"a way of life" for physicians.

Having to seek a second opinion means that I have to get more tests doneFALSE
With Jack Imaging’s case management features, all of your medical records and images are securely stored and can be easily shared with specialists electronically. Your new provider may requests for new types of tests, but all previous exams and records can be shared to avoid repeat scans and tests.

Using Jack Imaging to consult with a specialist even eliminates the need for costly travel expenses. Receive a second opinion on diagnosis and/or treatment within a few days, all without having to leave your home.

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