Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Managing My Father's Cancer: A Caretaker's Story

My dad and I
I spent the last 3 years of my Dad’s life as his caregiver, as he battled metastasized bladder cancer.  As his caregiver, all I wanted to do was to make him better, to make him stronger, to give him the tools and knowledge that would lead him toward improved health.  I wanted him to focus on himself and focus on his future, while I focused on everything else.   

It was my first real experience with our nation’s health care system, and I had to make decisions about my Dad’s health while going 135 miles per hour.  What I found is what most people know in this situation: that so many things about today’s health care system are so agonizingly frustrating.  I’m sure I could start to make a list that highlights all my frustrations, and I’m sure as I am typing now, that I could still be writing this list by the end of tomorrow and not be anywhere near to being finished with it.  Near the top of my list, however, would be the very problem that Nephosity’s Jack Imaging is attempting to solve - medical image transfer and storage.  I don’t know how many times I called a doctor’s office on behalf of my Dad to request his medical images be put onto a CD for his referring doctor, only to learn that the process was stalled somewhere, or the CD didn’t arrive on time, or I was charged fees for expedited processing.  I really don’t want to count the number of times I did this because those are the times I spent away from my Dad.  

Years ago the CD was the latest and greatest technology - years ago the CD was better than the hard film copies that patients had to lug around to their doctor’s offices.  But today, technology has advanced beyond the CD, and it's time to keep up. I'm excited to see how cloud technology can bring efficiencies to transferring and storing medical images because, for someone else out there caring for their loved one, each efficiency we introduce means less time spent away from the person or people who matter most.

- Jessica

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