Wednesday, September 4, 2013

12 Ways the iPad Is Changing Healthcare: Making Med School Easier, Helping Diagnose Alzheimer's, and Improving Patient Engagement

At the end of last year, CIO published a report on 12 ways the iPad is changing healthcare. In addition to replacing the clipboard, making home health initiatives easier and making medical software more accessible, CIO credited the iPad with enabling greater patient engagement - something that Nephosity is proud to have been working on from the start.


MobileCT, Nephosity's FDA-cleared medical image viewer for the iPad, engages patients in a few ways:
- medical images stored in Nephosity's secured cloud can be pulled up on the iPad and viewed side-by-side by patient and provider, allowing for real-time discussion of the patient's condition
- built-in annotation and cursor tools are used to point out specifics of a patient's images for deeper understanding of the patient's condition
- Nephosity's secured, cloud-based server allows patients to access their own images anywhere, anytime, allowing patients to share their images with family/friends or to request a second-opinion separate from their original provider

The iPad is changing healthcare, and Nephosity is honored to play a part.

Find out how Nephosity can help you handle your medical images today:

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